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Invest in our vision by hosting a delivery only kitchen site

Expand capacity for your restaurant delivery or food delivery business – rent a dark kitchen in Kent with Delivery only Kitchens

The food and restaurant industry is rapidly evolving and naturally, approaches to running these businesses are changing with it. More and more restaurant owners are making the shift to operating dark kitchens, closing the doors on their existing long-term restaurant sites.

The Canterbury Food Village is a collection of 6 professional commercial production kitchens and 3 prep kitchens designed to allow easy, cost efficient access without long term commitment to new and existing catering operators within East Kent and the South East.

For new businesses, the cost of start up is dramatically reduced allowing entrepreneurs easy access to professional kitchens. Each kitchen will be fitted with the catering equipment chosen by each client. The village provides essential components to help these businesses be successful. The village  provides support working with them to ensure full compliance with Health and Safety as well as food and hygiene. Our aim is that every kitchen in the village will be receiving a 5 star rating.

Further support will be given to the marketing of their business both digitally and in the creation of professional images of their food and offerings. This will be via a professional photo studio set up within the village.

The village will also provide access to private walk in refrigeration/freezer rooms, ambient food storage rooms and full cleaning management. Each site is designed to allow easy access for both delivery of supplies as well as the onward delivery of prepared food to restaurants, events and consumers.

Canterbury Food Village has a company wide strategy to ensure the protection of the environment through effective waste management measures. We supply the resources on site and will work with each operator to ensure their compliance.

Dark kitchens are rented premises that allow restaurants to cook and prepare food so that it can be delivered out to customers. They are a great alternative to traditional restaurant premises for a multitude of reasons, including lower running costs as you aren’t paying for a restaurant building and access to higher quality kitchen equipment. Through companies like Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats, restaurants can easily arrange to have large numbers of food orders collected from their dark kitchen sites and taken directly to customers, removing the need for restaurants to own an eat-in or takeaway shop.

So whatever your needs, we have you covered, giving you the time to focus on what you do best – growing your food business.

All Units are set up to meet UK regulations and standard. They are hygienically sealed with uPVC, with stainless steel tops and non-slip flooring, ventilation systems, fire-safety systems and waste management.

Site Sizes

There are only ever 6 commercial kitchens per site.

20 sites are planned to open in the next 18 months throughout the south and the Midlands in the major conurbations outside of the M25.

First site opening on August 1st 2021 in Canterbury, Kent
**First 2 kitchens already reserved

Kitchen Unit Sizes

Our kitchens are available in two sizes: 160sq ft or 320sq ft

Separate walk-in chiller or freezer rooms are 42sq ft (available as an add-on)

Walk-in ambient racked storage rooms are 42sq ft


Includes Site Manager

Free WiFi


Loading area for delivery & collection

Fire rated infrastructure & fire safety system

Communal cleaning & pest control in common parts


You benefit from access to the kitchen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So whether you produce during the morning, afternoon or evening, the kitchen will be available to use on an exclusive basis, we never share kitchens.


Our rates are based on a 3 month rolling contract and start from £81 per day.

Lower operating costs

Start up and maintenance costs for a physical restaurant premises can be very high, so by renting a delivery only dark kitchen you’re able to considerably reduce your business costs. This also means that you can set up at dark kitchen sites across a wider range of areas, giving you the freedom to experiment with suitable locations for your food business.

Access to top quality kitchens

Our delivery only dark kitchens give restaurants access to a wide range of high quality, high specification kitchen equipment that helps to improve the overall standard of your service. As experts in designing, manufacturing and sourcing professional catering equipment, you have the reassurance of knowing that your kitchen is well-equipped.

Business flexibility

Without the need for considering table space in your daily practices, you’re able to cater to a much wider range of customers. Even outside of your operating hours, food delivery platforms make it easy for your customers to pre-order from your restaurant, ready for you to pick up when you resume operating in our kitchens.

Simple to use

Our Delivery Only Kitchens model is centred around making the process of operating your food business easy and simple. Without the distractions of high overheads, low quality facilities and figuring out how to reach your customers, you can focus on refining your food and service, enabling your business to flourish.

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