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Delivery only dark kitchens, also known as ‘ghost kitchens,’ aren’t anywhere near as spooky as they sound – really they are a cunning solution for many restaurant owners across the world who benefit from a simpler approach to running their delivery only restaurants.

At Delivery Only Kitchens, we hire out our fully-equipped kitchen space for the core purpose of allowing restaurants to cook and deliver food out to their customers, reducing the need for a long-term restaurant premises. With this arrangement, you have the freedom and flexibility to decide when you want to make use of our kitchen space and for how long, keeping you in control of your food delivery business.

You can work with:

Food delivery is fast becoming the new go-to method of providing restaurant-quality meals and our Delivery Only Kitchens make sure that you’re able to tap in to the market.

By removing the need for a long-term kitchen premises, you can run your delivery only dark kitchen for a fraction of the cost, without limiting your ability to reach customers.

Cut out the long-winded conventions of establishing a traditional restaurant and operate your food business in a modern, efficient way.

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