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Invest in our vision by providing the location for a Delivery Only Kitchens site

By renting out your land or unused space for the development of a new Delivery Only Kitchens location, you’re investing in a UK-wide project with scalable long term potential

The food and restaurant industry is rapidly evolving and naturally, approaches to running these businesses are changing with it. At Delivery Only Kitchens, we’re getting ahead of the curve by establishing hubs of delivery-only restaurants across the UK.

Each hub will be home to 3 different restaurants: Stateside Smokehouse (American diner style food), Italiano Kitchen (pizza and pasta) and Ethnic Fusion (a mixture of Chinese, Indian and Thai food), where customers ordering through Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats can mix and match items across these menus and receive them all as part of one order. We’re revolutionising the way in which people order takeaway food online, but we need premises to be able to continue expanding across the UK.

Our first site is opening on an industrial estate in Tonbridge, Kent, in Spring of 2023. As we’re operating on a delivery focused model and not a dine-in basis, we’re on the look out for similar locations that allow delivery drivers suitable access to collect orders, without causing any major disturbance to the existing local community. If you own land and would like to play a part in transforming the UK’s food delivery industry, we would love to hear from you.

Delivery Only Kitchens has a company wide strategy to ensure the protection of the environment through effective waste management measures.

Delivery only kitchens are premises that allow restaurants to cook and prepare food so that it can be delivered out to customers. They are a great alternative to traditional restaurant premises for a multitude of reasons, including access to higher quality kitchen equipment and lower running costs as you aren’t paying for a restaurant building. Through companies like Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats, restaurants can easily arrange to have large numbers of food orders collected from their dark kitchen sites and taken directly to customers, removing the need for restaurants to own an eat-in or takeaway shop.

Our restaurants cover a range of popular cuisines that will provide each local area with high quality alternatives to existing takeaway options. Aside from being delicious alternatives to what is already available, the key bonus for customers here is that they can mix and match their order across our 3 brands, resulting in the perfect takeaway combination with only one delivery fee.

Our food can be ordered via:

Stateside Smokehouse offers a mouth-watering blend of diner-inspired foods and flavours to truly treat your taste buds.

Italian inspired, hearty cuisine that’s full of flavour. Each and every one of our dishes was made with love and care, giving you delicious satisfaction with every bite.

With aromatic blends of spices and seasonings and carefully picked ingredients, Ethnic Fusion dishes are centred around celebrating these powerful flavours from parts of South and South East Asia.

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